CRAFFT Screening Tool & Overview

The CRAFFT screening tool is a short, self-administered behavioural health screening tool developed to screen adolescents for high risk alcohol and other drug use disorders simultaneously. It is considered an effective screening tool intended to assess whether further assessment is warranted.

Directions, Scoring & Interpretation: The following questions concern information about an adolescent’s potential involvement with alcohol and other drugs during the past 12 months. When the words “drug” is used, it refers to the use of prescribed or over-the-counter drugs that are used in excess of the directions and any non-medical use of drugs. Please answer every question. Of the six questions, two or more ‘‘yes’’ answers suggest a significant problem and need for additional assessment.


1. Have you ever ridden in a Car driven by someone (including yourself) who was high or had been using alcohol or drugs?

2. Do you ever use alcohol or drugs to Relax, feel better about yourself, or fit in?

3. Do you ever use alcohol or drugs while you are b yourself or Alone?

4. Do you ever Forget things you did while using alcohol or drugs?

5. Do your Family or Friends ever tell you that you should cut down on your drinking or drug use?

6. Have you ever gotten into Trouble while you were using alcohol or drugs?

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