SBIRT reduces problem drinking

A systematic review found that among those receiving SBIRT interventions, consumption decreased by 3.6 drinks/wk, 12 % fewer subjects reported heavy drinking episodes, and 11% more individuals were drinking at levels below prudent over 12 months compared with controls.

Jonas DE, Garbutt JC, Brown JM, Amick HR, Brownley KA, Council CL, Viera AJ, Wilkins TM, Schwartz CJ, Richmond EM, Yeatts J, Swinson Evans T, Wood SD, Harris RP., Screening, Behavioral Counseling, and Referral in Primary Care To Reduce Alcohol Misuse. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2012 Jul. Report No.: 12-EHC055-EF. AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Reviews.

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