Midtown Community Mental Health Center – Narcotics Treatment Program (NTP)

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The Narcotic Treatment Program (NTP) is designed to address the needs of clients who are dependent primarily on opiate drugs. The criteria for admission to the maintenance program are physiological dependence on a narcotic drug, continually or episodically, for at least one year prior to admission as determined by the program physician. In addition to treatment of opiate dependence, clients can receive a full range of treatment for other dependence issues and mental health needs.

Services: The program offers both pharmacological and therapeutic interventions with the goal of abstinence from all illicit substances as well as the abusive use of alcohol and other substances. Admission procedures include a thorough medical evaluation including medical history, physical examination, and laboratory examination including serological test for syphilis, a tuberculin skin test, and a urine drug screen. The dose of Methadone is determined and prescribed by the program physician. Clients are engaged in treatment planning during the assessment process and review their goals and progress throughout treatment. Individual, group and family counseling are part of the treatment program and available within the clinic.

Please note: The Suboxone detox program completes after 13 days. Client will not be maintained on Suboxone.

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