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Our program is designed to provide services for patients who present with substance abuse and dependence disorders as well as problem gambling treatment. Addictions Services offers a range of outpatient, intensive outpatient, psychiatric, drug & alcohol detox, tobacco treatment, problem gambling treatment, nursing, and case management services. Because patients are partners in their own care, service delivery is based on the individualized service plan established with the patient’s participation. Clients in the program are 18 years of age or older. Discounted fees are collected for all services provided at the clinic including to patients with Wishard Advantage. The full discounted fee is due at time of service. Fees are only waived in cases of Medical Emergency. An Adolescent Program provided by Midtown Children’s Clinic is designed to serve clients under the age of 18 with permission of parent or guardian.

Outpatient Addictions Treatment: outpatient services for clients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions & problem gambling. Treatment includes outpatient (3-4 hours per week) and intensive outpatient group therapy (6-9 hours per week) and medication management. Additionally, specialized groups are offered for clients with a dual diagnosis which integrate treatment for addictions and coexisting mental illness. Treatment includes individual therapy and case management as needed.

Project Home: a service for pregnant women or new moms seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. The Project Home program includes group therapy, home-based individual therapy, transportation support & linkage, and child-care. Participants include pregnant & post-partum women and women with children under 1 year. Group treatment includes outpatient and IOT, dual diagnosis groups, and specialized groups for pregnant and parenting women.

Referral/Transfers: Clients referred for Outpatient Addictions Treatment or Project Home from Access, Primary Care, or other Midtown Programs will attend Orientation Group and three (3) Engagement groups prior to being seen for intake. Project Home referrals will be given priority intake appointments following Orientation Group.

Inpatient or Crisis Respite Referrals: Clients will be screened for Addiction Services prior to linkage. Clients discharged from Inpatient or Crisis Respite will be referred to Orientation Group the day after discharge and will be scheduled into an Adult Addictions Intake Appointment the day after Orientation Group. Adult Addictions Intake staff will follow-up with client if they do not present for their scheduled intake.

Please Note: Episodes will be opened and prescriber appointments will be made at intake.

Detoxification Treatment: provides outpatient detox services for alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates with linkage to treatment services. Clients are seen Monday through Friday on a daily basis for assessment of symptoms, vital signs, and brief mental status exams. Detox services are individualized and generally run from 1-2 weeks. After-hours or emergency services are seen through CIU. During the course of treatment, clients will be linked with Outpatient services in order to provide additional individual and group support.

Detoxification Treatment Instructions to Client: Client should expect to come to the clinic everyday during the course of their detox except for weekends. Each day they will come to the clinic for a brief assessment and will be given their medications for that day. On Friday, they will be given enough medication for the weekend. Clients will need to have discounted fees for each day of service as well as money to fill their prescriptions each day. Additionally, clients will be linked to groups and individual treatment to support their detox program.

Tobacco Treatment: has been incorporated into all existing Addictions treatment groups to increase awareness and provide support for clients with Nicotine Dependence. Specialized treatment is also available for clients needing ongoing individual and group treatment as well as nicotine replacement treatment.

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