SBIRT comes to IU: IUSM Awarded Large Multiyear SAMSHA Grant

The Indiana University School of Medicine has been awarded a large scale, multiyear, SAMSHA grant to integrate Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) into its medical education and clinical services. SBIRT is a state-of-the-science approach to identifying and addressing alcohol and other substance misuse and abuse in various patient populations. By rapidly assessing all patients, providers are able to more readily and frequently identify individuals at risk and address those risks earlier.

SBIRT@IUSM is bringing SBIRT to the IU medical community through a multipronged approach that includes integration with patient records systems and ongoing training and support of residents. The effort is led by Dr. David Crabb and is a partnership among IUSM, the Regenstrief Institute, The Indiana Prevention Research Center, and the Academic Edge, Inc. For more information, visit our about SBIRT@IUSM page or contact us.

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