What are the key concepts of Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is based upon four general principles: express empathy, develop discrepancy, roll with resistance, and support self-efficacy. 

The spirit of Motivational Interviewing can be even further characterized in a few key points

  1. Motivation to change is elicited from the client, and is not imposed from outside forces
  2. It is the client’s task, not the counselor’s, to articulate and resolve his or her ambivalence
  3. Direct persuasion is not an effective method for resolving ambivalence
  4. The counseling style is generally quiet and elicits information from the client
  5. The counselor is directive, in that they help the client to examine and resolve ambivalence
  6. Readiness to change is not a trait of the client, but a fluctuating result of interpersonal interaction
  7. The therapeutic relationship resembles a partnership or companionship

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