SBIRT @ IUSM Timeline

September 2009: The Indiana University School of Medicine, Wishard Health Services and Midtown Community Mental Health Center are awarded a five-year SBIRT Medical Residency grant through SAMHSA (Substace Use and Mental Health Services Administration).

October 2009: IU SBIRT adds the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, a research, substance use prevention and substance use treatment advocacy agency, and The Academic Edge, an educational media development company, are integrated into the grant becoming partnering institutions.

October 2009: Principal Investigator, Dr. David Crabb, calls for administrators from partnering institutions to meeting bi-monthly to establish IU SBIRT.

December 2009: Joseph Bartholomew, MSW, is hired as SBIRT Program Coordinator.

December 2010: Lisa Session, BSW, is hired as SBIRT Counselor for the Primary Care Center 4 pilot site.

February 2011: SBIRT Screening begins at the Primary Care Center 4 pilot site.


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