SBIRT@IU Courses

Just want to know what SBIRT is and how you can do it? What about how the idea of SBIRT impacts your prescribing behaviors? Or, do you need to implement SBIRT across your own organization? We have learning modules to help you!

Course 1
Understanding SBIRT

What is SBIRT, how do you do it, and why should you? Welcome to SBIRT Bootcamp!

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Course 2
Beyond SBIRT

Detox? Relapse? Specialized care? Abusable medications? Welcome to SBIRT 2.0.

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Course 3
Organizational SBIRT

Do you need to help your entire organization adopt and implement SBIRT? Org Level SBIRT & You!

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Best Practices for
Abuseable Medications

What are the best practices for prescribing abusable medications? Find out…

Mandatory Practices for
Chronic Pain Prescriptions

New opioid prescribing rules for chronic pain patients affect all Indiana providers. Here’s the 411…

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